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Dynamic Decompression for Heart Failure


The Corvia Atrial Shunt is a novel, minimally invasive cardiac implant for symptomatic heart failure (HF) patients with an EF≥40%.

  • First therapeutic device designed to directly address elevated left atrial pressure (LAP), the primary contributor of HF symptoms
  • Provides continuous and dynamic LAP reduction at any activity level
  • Only requires short term dual antiplatelet therapy
  • Treatment is less reliant on compliance with medication and diet (a recent study revealed that almost half of HF patients are non-compliant with their prescribed medications)1
  • Therapy is not dependent upon daily pressure monitoring
Corvia Atrial Shunt in gloved hand


Corvia Atrial Shunt
Circle with diagonal line across to signify diameter

8mm shunt diameter

Clinically validated, optimized decompression

coriva atrial shunt graphic showing reinforced barrel

Reinforced barrel

Maintains shunt patency

Non thrombogenic design icon

Non-thrombogenic design

Flat LA profile promotes
rapid endothelialization

adjustable ra legs

Adjustable RA legs

Accommodate varied septal wall thickness

Preserves therapy options

Preserves therapy options

8mm inner diameter and
low profile avoids barriers
to future therapies

  1. Wu JR, Moser DK. Medication Adherence Mediates the Relationship Between Heart Failure Symptoms and Cardiac Event-Free Survival in Patients With Heart Failure. J Cardiovasc Nurs. 2018;33(1):40-46.